Female - Lesbian - 21
In a relationship with Lorena
Buddhist/Hindu - LW:93 CW:105
Denver, CO soon to be LA

In College:: Physics Major

No, I don't smoke.
Flowers, Coffee, Lingerie, Physics, Botany, Architecture, French, Women, Piano.

I also have a cat named NaCl. Aka Salt-- currently in FL. Two puppies-- Daisy and Bruno here with me.
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Anonymous : You don't need that person. You may think you've come this far, you may think you see a future. But what they are to you us just a crutch. A crutch so you won't be alone. Be strong not a baby. Be independent.

Cool that you think not sticking around is being a baby but it looks to me like we live in the age of musical chairs when it comes to who we love/date. I can’t help who I fall in love with. I love this person. Until I don’t love them anymore, I will always give them a chance. Are there people that actually try in relationships anymore or do they just move on to the next one? Believe me, I am independent — I choose to stay with her. I am not stuck or trapped. I make my own money and do my own thing.



I have been told that I always see the good in others instead of seeing the bad.. I always will give you the benefit of the doubt. I promise I will always give people an endless amount of chances!

Until you show me that you can’t be trusted anymore.. Why did you have to lie to me? About the one thing that I felt I could trust you with..?

Although about a week or so has passed.. I still think about how naive I may have been and how you looked me in the eye and lied to my face.. I knew the truth already, I just wanted to hear you say it.

But you lied.. My heart broke. You think things are better but I can’t help to think about it everyday… I am sad. What did I do to deserve to be lied to about something like that? I have never lied to you..