Female - Lesbian - 21
In a relationship with Lorena
Buddhist/Hindu - LW:93 CW:105
Denver, CO soon to be LA

In College:: Physics Major

No, I don't smoke.
Flowers, Coffee, Lingerie, Physics, Botany, Architecture, French, Women, Piano.

I also have a cat named NaCl. Aka Salt-- currently in FL. Two puppies-- Daisy and Bruno here with me.


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Anonymous : You don't need that person. You may think you've come this far, you may think you see a future. But what they are to you us just a crutch. A crutch so you won't be alone. Be strong not a baby. Be independent.

Cool that you think not sticking around is being a baby but it looks to me like we live in the age of musical chairs when it comes to who we love/date. I can’t help who I fall in love with. I love this person. Until I don’t love them anymore, I will always give them a chance. Are there people that actually try in relationships anymore or do they just move on to the next one? Believe me, I am independent — I choose to stay with her. I am not stuck or trapped. I make my own money and do my own thing.